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Intercomp WIM Strip Sensors

Intercomp strip sensors use strain gauge based technology which is utilized in the most accurate vehicle scales. This technology takes full advantage of the fast response times and large sampling rates to achieve long term accuracy and stability. As with traditional WIM sensors, Intercomp strip sensors are installed into just 3˝ (75mm) channels in the roadway minimizing required time for installation and maintenance.

Intercomp WIM Strip Sensors utilize strain gauge technology which is widely accepted as an accurate and reliable method to weigh a vehicle. Intercomp Strip Sensors are capable of meeting or exceeding ASTM E1318-09 Type I, Type II, Type III and COST 323 A(5), B+(7) or B(10) performance requirements.

WIM Strip Sensors can be configured in sets of 1, 2 or 3 pairs of strips depending on the application and required accuracy. Installed within 3˝ (75mm) wide channels in the pavement, the sensors are easily installed with grout, minimizing time and labor associated with installation and maintenance.