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Whether our systems are sorting traffic, providing safety messages to vehicles, calculating tolls or collecting important data, clients need uninterrupted operation from their systems.

To keep our customers’ systems performing optimally,  IRD has a complete offering of service options to suit their needs.

Maintenance and Service Contracts

In addition to traditional maintenance contracts, IRD also provides services to maintain third party equipment as well as programs to collect and process customer traffic data.

Installation, Maintenance and Data Services work together to ensure equipment is operating properly and action is taken when issues arise:

  • Project Manager – schedules work and coordinates repair activities
  • Data Services Group – downloads and validates data
  • In-House Technical Support – performs remote diagnostics and service
  • On-Site Field Personnel – perform on-site diagnostics and services

Weigh-In-Motion systems are highly technical and specialized, and many customers do not have the staff available to perform this type of work. Customers prefer to contract this work to experts in the industry – that’s where IRD comes in. We have over 35 years of experience installing and maintaining Weigh-In-Motion systems. Our maintenance packages cover a full spectrum of requirements from as-needed maintenance service to turn-key installation, data collection, and quality assurance.