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Highway Traffic Management Systems (HTMS)

The Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) integrates multiple technologies to improve the flow of vehicle traffic and improve safety. Real-time traffic data from a traffic detection system flows into a Traffic Control Center (TCC) where it is integrated and processed and may result in actions (e.g. traffic routing, VMS messages) with the goal of improving traffic flow and minimizing losses.

IRD’s Highway Traffic Management System provides an innovative solution by utilizing state-of-the-art system technologies and proven field equipment. IRD’s HTMS system consists of a Traffic Control Center and a combination of various complementary technologies to meet highway operational requirements.

HTMS complementry technologies include:

  • Automatic Vehicle Classification and Counting (AVCC)
  • Incident Detection (Speed, Crash detection) (IDS)
  • Closed Circuit Television Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Meteorology Data Station (MDS)
  • Emergency Call Box (ECB)
  • Variable Message (VMS)
  • Toll Collection (TCS)