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People Counters

IRD’s people counters offer simple installation, long battery life, and an opening capability of up to 10 m or 33 ft. The transmitter sends an infra-red beam to the receiver. When this infra-red beam is interrupted by a person the receiver detects this and will increase the count value on the display.

Our counters are made to count people. Hands and fingers crossing the beam are not counted. On the unidirectional display counter no distinction is made between in-and outgoing people. With some models, wireless and USB counter data can be exported to SensorServer.

Select people counters, traffic counters and accessories are available for Canada and U.S.-based customers to purchase online from


People Counter Models:

  • Unidirectional People Counter
  • Bidirectional People Counter
  • Micro People Counter

Optional accessories:

  • People counter sensor gateway and software
  • Weatherproof enclosure for outdoor use (trail counter)
  • Occupancy counter package