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SAW III Axle Weighers

Portable Enforcement Scales

The SAW III is a portable wheel load weigher suitable for commercial vehicle weight enforcement in North America and internationally. Rugged designs and long service life have made the SAW series of scales popular with commercial vehicle enforcement agencies around the world. SAW III portable scales are EC approved with OIML R76 and CE certificates of conformity and NTEP Certified to NIST Handbook 44.

The SAW III has a large backlit display making it easy to read weights from the scales when measuring wheel loads. SAW III scales can also be connected so that axle weights may be read from one side of the vehicle being weighed. Using a laptop with IRD’s software and a Bluetooth connection is an option that allows enforcement personnel to view weights from a safer distance. The software also permits printing of wheel and axle weights to a thermal printer.

The SAW III maintains the same durable weigh pad as previous SAW models, while offering many updates and improvements:

  • Wheels to simplify maneuverability
  • Single NiMH battery pack
  • Battery status display bar
  • Improved charge cycle (2 hours)
  • Charge control LED indicators
  • IP 65 rated interface connectors
  • Faster analog-to-digital converter for higher output rate
  • New Zero-Setting function
  • Bluetooth® capability and IRD software enable multiple scale outputs on a single display
Capacity: Model 10 A: 20,000 lbs (10 t), Model 10C: 20,000 lbs (10 t), Model 15C: 30,000 lbs (15 t)
Weighing Surface: Model 10A: 15.7” x 15.0” (400 mm x 382 mm), Model 10C/15C: 22.0” x 15.0” (560 mm x 382 mm)
Interface/Connectors: RS 232 Cannon bayonet IP65


SAW III – Portable Dynamic Scale System

The popular, field-proven, and very durable SAW wheel load scale is now available for dynamic weighing. With the SAW’s user-friendly software it is possible to efficiently pre-select overloaded trucks. Two SAW scales are paired and connected with a PC via Bluetooth®. The vehicle drives over the scales at slow speed and the weighing result (wheel/axle weights and gross vehicle weight) is displayed on the screen. For weight enforcement with the highest accuracy the system can be switched to static operation mode.

The system guarantees high vehicle throughput, especially when using two sets of SAW scales (one set in dynamic mode for pre-selection and one in static mode for weight enforcement).

Previous SAW models built a worldwide reputation for durability and reliability. The SAW III scale maintains these strengths while adding new and enhanced features such as a backlit display and battery indicator. The SAW III is capable of both static and dynamic axle weighing making it suitable for enforcement weighing or screening vehicles in weigh-in-motion mode.

The SAW III is a truly international portable scale with both NTEP and OIML certifications and models that display in either pounds or kilograms. Jurisdictions in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Pakistan, India, and Asia have adopted the SAW wheel load weigher for enforcement.