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VI²M™ Cloud-based Data Collection, Reporting and Analytics

Historically, users have deployed single-purpose solutions to meet their ITS data needs — be it for Traffic Data Collection, Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO), Weigh-in-Motion (WIM), Transportation Management, Road Weather Information or Tolling. Data for each single-purpose system is saved in  separate data sets and processed locally, with integration being an afterthought. The value of the information created locally by those systems is often under-appreciated.

VI²M unlocks this value by providing a central data repository and data analysis solution that allows users to combine data from multiple sensor sites and local systems to create a complete network picture of activity.

VI²M provides a core platform of data services including reports tailored to the agencies’ needs, standardized automated data quality checks, and data exports that satisfy all Federal or third party reporting guidelines. Combining historical reports and analysis functions with monitoring of the infrastructure and current operations in one platform enables users to focus on what is ultimately relevant to them — acting upon operational intelligence provided through VI²M.