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Tire Safety Screening – TACS™

The Tire Anomaly and Classification System (TACS™) screens commercial vehicles at weigh station facilities to identify those vehicles which are unsafe due to missing or underinflated tires.

Tire anomalies and flat tires decrease directional control, increase the risk of commercial vehicle accidents, reduce tire life, and negatively affect fuel economy. Mismatched and missing tires result in vehicle imbalance, improper load distribution and potential safety issues.

The Tire Anomaly and Classification System (TACS) supports the screening of commercial vehicles at highway (up to 100 mph) and ramp speeds at weigh station facilities to identify those vehicles which are unsafe due to missing or underinflated tires. TACS consists of the following components:

  • In-Road Sensors – for tire detection and measurement
  • Roadside Electronics – to capture information from the in-road sensors and pass this information to the weigh station for use by weigh station operations
  • Weigh Station Work Station, Software and Graphical User Interface (GUI) – to present information to weigh station operators and support their setting of commercial vehicle screening criteria based on data provided by TACS

TACS is capable of integration to weigh station screening systems including: Weigh-in-Motion, Electronic Screening (ie: License Plate Readers, transponders, USDOT Readers, HazMat Readers, etc.), vehicle dimensioning systems and vehicle tracking systems.

Improving truck safety is important to everyone involved in transportation – from enforcement agencies to commercial carriers. That’s why International Road Dynamics has developed TACS – The Tire Anomaly and Classification System. TACS is an in-road sensor technology that screens vehicles for tire anomalies in real time and at highway speeds.TACS identifies flat, missing or mismatched diameter tires on a dual tire set. Any of these conditions is a high safety risk.

TACS seamlessly integrates with IRD’s Operator Workstation software, an advanced weigh station automation solution that is the result of many years of development. Using the integrated TACS system, vehicles with an identified tire anomaly are signaled to report to the weigh station so that unsafe vehicles may be placed out of service.