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Lineas® Quartz WIM Sensor by Kistler

The Lineas® Quartz WIM sensors utilize Kistler’s unique quartz technology in order to measure the vehicle gross weight under rolling traffic conditions. They consist of an aluminum alloy profile in the middle of which quartz disks are fitted under pre-load. 

This technology features extremely high lifetime and meets the highest accuracy requirements according to ASTM, COST and OIML standards.

These sensors are easily installed flush with the surface of any existing or new asphalt or concrete pavement surface with epoxy adhesive. The surface of these sensors are ground to conform to the pavement profile.

They are available in 1.50 meter (4.9 foot), 1.75 meter (5.8 foot) and 2.00 meter (6.6 foot) lengths and various cable lead lengths. Two (2) sensing elements are used per 3.7 meter (12 foot) travel lane.

IRD is a global leader in providing and servicing Lineas sensors around the world.

Kistler Lineas Quartz WIM sensors are the long-term proven technology successfully deployed for more than 20 years in North America and on a global base.

Worldwide, more than 50,000 Lineas sensors were already installed.


  • Low, medium, and high-speed Weigh-In-Motion (WIM)
  • Vehicle classification

Lineas is a trademark owned by Kistler.