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Precast WIM

Due to increasing traffic volumes, weigh-in-motion scales and sensors need to be installed quickly to minimize the length of time roadways are restricted by traffic control. The solution is to fast track the roadway project using precast concrete pavement and IRD Precast WIM. Precast concrete pavement can be installed in very short work windows, enabling pavement replacement in high traffic areas during limited nighttime lane closures.

IRD WIM sensors are installed into precast concrete panels in a controlled environment for maximum consistency and quality assurance. IRD’s Precast WIM achieves the highest standards in operational reliability, stability and durability.

For precast concrete roadway projects IRD Precast WIM is installed using the same processes and equipment required for the roadway build. This means no special equipment or deviation from plan, and no unexpected surprises.

Roy Czinku, IRD’s Vice President of ITS Solutions and Maintenance Services, explains how using Precast WIM achieves maximum consistency, quality, and durability while improving installation efficiency.