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Toll Collection

IRD has installed toll collection and auditing systems throughout the world and is the one source company that can offer multi-system solutions by integrating a number of different technologies to achieve the desired functionality.

Toll Collection

Advanced Axle Classification for Toll (AACT)

The VectorSense™ Tire Sensor Suite is accurate and reliable, using a proprietary tire-sensing technology to determine single, dual or super single tire groups on vehicle axles. The system operates independently of vehicle speed.

VectorSense™ is a superior alternative to toll treadle technologies for pre and post-audit applications. VectorSense™ sensors do not experience the premature wear patterns that can affect other types of single/dual sensors.

India Toll DSC04640

iTOLL® Toll Road System

The IRD iTOLL® System is scalable and can be configured from a simple toll cash collection system to a fully integrated toll system with vehicle classification and video for audit.



IRD's WIM@TOLL® is a proven system to ensure users are accountable for overloaded vehicles

IRD's WIM@TOLL integrates with existing toll operations to provide accurate data for charging users by their vehicle weight and class.