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iTHEIA™ Video-Based Traffic Counting and Classification

IRD’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Traffic Data System uses video and machine learning to collect data for vehicle traffic counting and classification. iTHEIA™ relies entirely on AI to perform the vehicle counting and classification without uploading video for third-party processing. The system achieves better than 98% accuracy when counting three lanes of traffic. AI Video Classification outperforms radar systems when classifying vehicles into 6 size-based classes.



  • A new level of counting and classification accuracy
  • Supports 6-Class and FHWA 13-Class schemes
  • No video uploading for third-party processing
  • High-speed traffic data on three-lane roads
  • Bidirectional traffic data
  • Saved video and images provide a convenient tool for quality control/assurance
  • Reliable performance day or night in all weather conditions
  • Portable or permanent installation options