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Microwave Traffic Counter

The Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor (RTMS) is a low-cost advanced sensor for the detection and measurement of traffic at intersections and on roadways. This compact true-presence detector provides per-lane presence indication, as well as Volume, Occupancy, Vehicle Speed, and Classification information, in up to eight lanes or detection zones simultaneously.

Output information is provided to existing controllers by contact closure and to other computing systems by its serial communication port. A single RTMS can replace multiple inductive loop detectors and the attendant controller.

The RTMS is a small radar operating in the microwave band. Mounted on road-side poles, it is easy and safe to install and remove without traffic disruptions or lane closures. It is fully programmable to support a variety of applications, using simple intuitive software running on a Notebook PC.



  • Actuated Intersection control, stop-bar and mid-block detection
  • Freeway traffic management and incident detection systems
  • Traveler Information and Travel Time Prediction
  • Ramp metering
  • Queue detection and Work zone safety systems
  • Permanent and Mobile Traffic Counting Stations
  • Enforcement of Speed and Red-Light violation