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iSINC® ITS System Electronics

The iSINC® Electronics form the core of IRD’s traffic and truck Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems. Out of the box, iSINC® performs a broad range of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) functions, from data collection and web-based traffic monitoring, to weigh-station automation. IRD can configure the iSINC® to control LPR cameras (license plate readers), USDOT readers, message signs, AVI (automatic vehicle identification), dimension sensors and weigh-in-motion scales. Regardless of your site’s requirements, there is an iSINC® configuration that will meet your ITS system electronics needs.


  • Real-time operation and integration
  • Powerful multi-tasking software
  • Hardened electronics and weatherproof enclosures


  • Virtual Weigh Stations
  • CVISN Preclearance Systems
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Weight Enforcement – WIM and Static Scales
  • Border Crossing and Bridge Monitoring
  • Other ITS Applications

iSINC® Lite ITS System Electronics

IRD’s iSINC® Lite is a compact, rugged and low power system electronics that forms the core of IRD’s traffic data collection systems. It contains a standard card rack, which can hold numerous configurations of interface cards. Each system electronics is identical with the exception of specific interface kits, which are selected to suit the requirements of your individual site.


  • Traffic data collection
  • Sorting traffic based on compliance with regulations
  • Controlling external systems and equipment
  • Pre-screening
  • Virtual Weigh Stations