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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Over 2,000 IRD Enforcement Systems Worldwide.

From portable scales to complex multi-lane mainline systems, IRD's Experts will help you with design, supply, integration, installation, maintenance and training for your commercial vehicle enforcement program.


Tire Anomaly and Classification System (TACS™)

IRD's Tire Anomaly and Classification System (TACS™) is an automated solution that is revolutionizing the way tire risk is detected an managed.

Mainline E-Screening Systems

IRD's Mainline Electronic Screening (E-Screening) systems screen commercial vehicles on the mainline highway upstream from a weight enforcement station.

Virtual Weigh Statoin

Virtual Weigh Stations

Virtual Weigh Stations (VWS) are Weigh-In-Motion systems that provide vehicle records for enforcement, traffic surveillance and/or data collection in real-time over a computer network connection to a laptop, tablet, mobile device or workstation computer.

Ramp E-Screening Systems

IRD's Ramp Electronic Screening (E-Screening) systems screen commercial vehicles on the entrance ramp to a weight enforcement station.